3D Renders

Here are some 3 dimensional still renders pulled from my list.Working on these was so much fun 😊.

Office Remodel

Even offices sometimes needs a fresh look to communicate its essence and appreciation for aesthetics but hey, you wouldn’t just take a paint and make a splash on the walls or would you?; really now, you shouldn’t, there’s a better way. A simple 3D visualization like this one done for the YANGAH brand would completely ease off the back and forth.

Nuels Class Product Design

The need for careful planning and consultation before commencing production of any product for a brand with its buyers in mind is paramount and can’t be over-stretched which is why the product design for the NUELS CLASS brand was done and with variations of each too.

Phantiq Head Model

What better way to show off your brand qualities thanto give a visual representation of what you do to your clients as that surely is one way to keep them engaged using facsinating visuals. These was done as a set of morphs.

Erduma Environment Model

Developing the right environment for a scene Either for gaming or film creates a certain world in the mind of it’s viewers and that contributes largely to the success or failure of the movie; ERDUMA is one of such with subtle exaggerations on some elements to create a form of abstract reality.

Greg Head Model

Greg takes pride in his ability to feel no emotions whatsoever and loves being modernly styled. He was developed for a character display.

Painting studio

Arts and crafts are are integral parts of our society and the bedrock of industrialism and for a painter, a studio could bring multiple pictures to mind; one of them is this three dimensional art space with a challenge to our sense of imagination on what an ideal painting studio might look like moving forward from the typical unkempt studio we see?

Hugo Head Model

Hugo is a tough and impossible character; daring, self-centred and hates keeping to conventional hairstyles.

Nova Product Design

Ever wondered why some brands excel more in comparison to others? good plans with branding with an added 3D pre-visualization before a product is manufactured. Here is one for the NOVA brand.

Need to make some 3D renditions?

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