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Acute Redirection

Artists have got in their possession sight beyond the immeasurable, which is why we see the abstracted and unimaginable. For me, I see beauty even in the failure of the Nigerian state to provide good roads, constant electricity and other amenities because- in its most absurd manner, it has given rise to my vivid realization of the fact that I am not just a Nigerian but an individual who-embedded inside of him is the power to conceptualize ideas which would positively affect my society. What do you see?

Victor Nwokoye painting - Acute Redirection - painting of a street located within the city of Lagos, Nigeria


Amidst the uncertainties of the African space, minors are hurriedly ushered into creating a path for themselves in their naivety  and complete unawareness of life’s ambiguity hence the consistent upward slope in a vile, scurrilous and horrid community of youths given to mental repulsion and negative definitions.

Let’s do better.

Victor Nwokoye painting - Unguided - a painting of little kids roaming around the environment in Africa without purpose

Raging Stills

My motion in gentle procession and my eyes in their ovals as I watched the evening elapse in recognition of the night. I watched as the calm of the waters turned fierce while it approached the concession of protruded brown and greens in affirmation of the deterrents to life.

Victor Nwokoye painting - Raging Stills - a painting of a purple-magenta evening with trees and and gushing water

Nature's Sweet

Always make time to explore nature’s goodness. It pays off as time progresses.

This is a dual installation.

Tranquil 1

In tranquility, I took in nature’s breath, felt the pains of the shrubs as the trees extends their hands in variable weights and complete revolve, as the enchanting greens slowly deployed an atmosphere reiterating my utmost essence to life and deep reflections of my inner self I humbly eased in.

Victor Nwokoye painting - Tranquil 1 - a painting of calm pasture with trees and water and blue sky

Tranquil 2

In tranquility, I saw the mind of the sea in its depth, newness and sheer anonymity. A reflective translucency where the chirping birds convoke in their range in scout for their eats and the bipeds glide for their nutriment.
A compound rippled yet unperturbed.

Victor Nwokoye painting - Tranquil 2 - a painting of calm waters with a person riding a canoe

Tranquil 3

In tranquility, I woke to the sun in its magnanimity, sitting on the clouds and brightly beaming through earth’s space as trunks danced in awe and utter recognition and their offspring dropped in their greens with hues saturating the translucent compound.

Victor Nwokoye painting - Tranquil 3 - a painting of calm waters with coconut tree and a house in the middle of the waters


The need for intellectuals in a nation like our present day Nigeria cannot be overstretched as each passing day brings to our knowledge the reality of the fact that we have an untapped resource within us. 

Innovation resulting from creative and constructive ideas are the fabrics of every nation willing to carve a niche for itself thereby putting itself at the forefront in the world space; Therefore it is important for us to take into cognizance the fact that the time has come for us to start exploring our creative side and re-inventing the wheel. Let’s unmask Nigeria.

Victor Nwokoye painting - Masked - an african mask with fibers representing representing the veil on Nigeria

The Fall

Life is a plane overwhelmed with slopes, however while at the fall in our varied weight and sizes, we must be assertive of the trend to avert its further reoccurence as everyone must identify their break-point and pick up from the ripples of their sea a colossal volume of retractive strength with keen determination for an upward inclination.

Victor Nwokoye painting - The Fall - a painting of purple-orange and yellow background with falling sticks symbolic of life challenges

Worthy Exertion

Challenges are part of every successful story. However form they come, the ability to navigate through it is what adds that ‘extra’ to an ordinary person, thus breeding a new generation of extraordinary individuals who affect our world in diverse ways, making our world one of endless possibilities.

This painting is a reminder of the fact that life (represented as a stylized tree) has something to offer to each and every one of us irrespective of our diversity in colour, tribe, ethnicity and religion and until we learn to take up every challenge of reaching it, we’ll keep going in continuous circles (spirals). It is also important to note that in the process, while some people aim for the prize some might lose their balance

Victor Nwokoye painting - Worthy Exertion - with people trying to reach for a fruit on a tree


Layered above the peaches I carved my pitch as I thread between the strokes in resolution to unearth a path so distinguished where lies my fruits, utter esteem and sheer individuality. Though engulfed in the yellows with the looping sun yet in every step forward I find strength as each day I wield is one with great intent.

Victor Nwokoye painting - Sole - with a character in isolation in his community, a yellow sky

Chaotic Clime

The calm ambience rules even as the skies are in complete rage with the birds scouting for safety as the ruins of the land so desolate came into light; as people in their discomfiture take to their heels for better existence with each passing day; as the heart of the inhabitants is recurrently electrocuted by the failures of the state to restore hope and firm resolve to their plights.

Victor Nwokoye painting - Chaotic Clime - a painting of a desolate land where people flee due to bad governance
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