Making illustrations is deeply satisfying for me and often times it’s a great way to accurately depict my characters before they get animated 😊.

Keke Marwa

The tricycle popularly referred to as β€˜keke Marwa’ since it was introduced by Colonel Mohammed Buba Marwa – a one time governor of Lagos who served from 22nd August 1996 – 29th May 1999, has for years been one of the major means of transportation in Nigeria especially for its ability to navigate individuals to their respective destinations very swiftly amidst the heavy traffic posed everyday by the overwhelming number of cars on major roads and highways.


Ella is an embodiment of so much love and affection spiced with a bit of sauciness and deep ambitions.

A writer extraordinaire who is very
passionate about her fashion blog and exploring different fashion styles. She is a keeper, at least for her man who she “draws her inspiration from”.

She’s got a weird thing that happens to her ear-rings when she gets close to any fashion house and this leaves everyone in so much awe. Could this be a super power? I guess we’ll find that out for


Josh is a cool and fun-loving dude who enjoys travelling and exploring new cities. He is Ella’s prince charming and best chat-buddy and his friends tease him about that always. He is also a guitar freak and a music composer; a die-hard music lover.

whenever Josh strikes of chord from his guitar, he awakens a creature from the wild who gets hypnotized by the sound but he is unaware of it.

Find out what happens when he discovers this in the coming series.


The beautiful soon-to-be-bride with so much pride in how she appear to be perceived by men. She is very fashionable and confident in her looks and really loves being noticed whenever possible. She is the envy of her friends and most times she brags about her man whenever she’s with them.

Amidst all these, she has two biggest fears which she keeps a secret but I’ll be unraveling them very soon. πŸ˜‚

2D Homes Hodel

What’s character animation without an environment for the characters to live in? That’s exactly what inspired these illustrations. 

These structures here would give a lot of homeless animated characters a place to call home and ultimately make them feel super proud and comfortable being themselves.


Obinna is a reflection of what the contemporary cool and calm headed guy is like. He is simplistic in nature, lives a care-free life and frowns at nothing; okay well over somethings 😏 but he’s really cool.

He is a huge distraction to the ladies so he suffers advances from many of them πŸ˜‚ but he has eyes for two only. Find out which one he settles for.


There’s always that wanna-be princess and Ediye definitely is one only with a shorter gown this time as she felt a longer one would make her less comfortable πŸ˜‚.

She fancies so much glamour and eventfulness and sometimes she loses herself. could that be too much for a princess?Β 


Aminu is that smart northern dude who was sent to live with his uncle outside Kano since he was 7 years old. He goes back to see his mom every month since he now has a successful millet business being run by four apprentices of his.

He is very ambitious and wants to take over the millet business in every northern state. Lets see if he can achieve that feat.


Dating as far back as 1972 the Nigerian government collaborated with the VOLKSWAGEN company to establish a car assembly plant at Lagos-Badagry Expressway and the BEETLE model became an instant nationwide sensation. Fast forward to today’s Nigeria, it is no doubt that this brand of vehicle have evolved in design, style and perfection as the true Volkwagen Beetle popularly called AJAPA-ORI-ODA (Road Tortoise) can no longer be seen on our roads. Here’s to a brand that made a mark.


Beautiful, hardworking and energetic – qualities for an amazing woman and she embodies them all. She love having her meals hot at all times; I guess that explains her love for the reds.

She is always prompt to the office where she holds the position of a HR manager but could that be all there is to her? obviously not.


There’s always that simple street looking guy who feels entitled to challenge things within his hood and that’s the group Haruna falls into. He rarely puts on regular dresses even when attending community meetings with the excuse that life is too short to be sophisticated.

Let’s see how far this ideology gets him.


Being married to the man of her dreams for two and a half years with a kid and owning two fashion houses to her name, Chioma feels fulfilled, but If head gears were to have the ability to speak, then she sure would be in for it citing her consistent use of it. Interestingly, Inside this head gear lies a hidden tool she uses in saving herself from troubles when she finds herself in one.


This Volkswagen bus sometimes referred to as DANFO and other times called FARAGON (Far-agone) has grown to become one of the biggest highlights of Lagos Nigeria. It has been in existence for donkey years as the default transport alternative to owning a personal car before the advent of BRT buses.Β 

The bright yellows flood every nook and cranny and Commuting using these are sure to fill your day with a lot of drama as the shows are completely endless.


The captain of a leading basketball team – LOOPERS. He recently made his team lose three games in a tournament given his extremely poor performance. For three weeks he has been on the news and it has been a tough experience for him.

He trains 7 hours a day now. Let’s hope he makes a comeback to his glory days.


She’s a feminist; obviously one not to be dared. Tolani could be soft sometimes and other times she could be really tough. Unlike other ladies, she hates appearing too ‘girly’ so no one takes advantage of her feminine side. Lets find out what her ‘feminine’ side even feels like πŸ€”.


Dare is an aspiring basketball player who left home for a basketball academy. His love for the sport inspires his dress sense and he takes pride in it. He is a picky-eater and loves to show-off 😏.

Can he achieve his dream? we’re yet to find out.


over the years these Japanese brand of cars have dominated the Nigerian roads and it’s almost impossible to not find one or more in many households today owing to its affordability and cheap maintenance.

The abrupt switch to these brand of cars have significantly changed the automobile industry in many measures leaving people wondering if they could ever leave our roads.

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